Campus Representative Program

Campus Representative are the backbone of our company. Become the backbone of our company. Become the face of The Collegiate Lineup at your campus today! You get to make money on your own time. Get true work experience on your own schedule. Learn how to market some of the coolest products on campus. All while repping awesome apparel!


Kappa Delta, Missouri

“TCL gave me a hobby turned job selling shirts! I have learned marketing skills, sales skills, helped build an amazing resume. My college experience has been so much more eventful since joining this family and I have never looked back!”


Kappa Alpha Theta, Miami

“I love working for The Collegiate Line Up because it has given me thechance to meet new people and get more involved in the Greekcommunity on campus while still having fun with the job! | always wantevery chapter on campus to look and feel amazing in their merch so, |love working for TCL because of how easy they make everything. Theyoffer a real advantage to make selling much easier. They have givenme the opportunity to get more involved in the Greek community, hostmy own events, and have a blast on the job. My favorite part about thejob is seeing customers faces when their new apparel comes in!”


Kappa Alpha Theta, FSU

“I love working for TCL because of thepeople. From the moment | startedworking here, everyone has been nothingbut supportive and have all helped mesucceed to reach my full potential. Sincejoining I have learned so much. The TCLteam supports and guides you everystep of the way to set you up for success.I am so thankful to be part of such anamazing company!”


  • Good Income


  • Career

  • Communication

Become a Campus Rep

Become a Campus Rep